B1GB1OCK creation was established since 2016 by a Hong Kong based Product Designer, Lock Lai.

Lock is an experienced designer with +15years working experience in industrial and product design. During the years, he designed a lot of  products and merchandise in different aspect such as kitchen appliances, consumer electronic, lighting, gift and premium, toy, kitchenwares, furniture, etc.

He studied Mechatronic Engineering in university stage. After that, He set his career as a product designer  so that he spent another 2 years in studying part-time higher diploma in Product Design.

He claims himself as a designer with engineer mindset. During the years of practice, he always get a good balance between aesthetic and practical engineering solution. He is also a good thinker at both logical and creative thinking.

An award winning designer who got 2 times Hong Kong Smart Gift Design Awards in 2013 and 2014. And some other different awards in other designer competitions.

In 2017, Lock creates his own brand “TinBot the Collectibles”, a Hong Kong original toy brand. The product is getting very successful result and fast developed into a very popular toy and sustainable business for long term run.