Other than daily job, I run my own brand as a part-time business. Not many people realize this truth behind. In recent 2years, I only spent night time to work for my own brand TinBot the Collectibles. I did not set a very complete plan. I learnt the lean start-up approach. You can’t wait a perfect solution to come up and you need to test the market and get the feedbacks to improve the business model or the product. This is the way I founded quite suitable for myself and less pressure. But no kidding, start-up is really stressful and difficult because too much things out of your own control. You cannot expect a lot of unexpected things. Like production schedule, meeting client’s deadlines…

Alright, i remind myself one very simple way. Split your workload into very very tiny pieces. You can feel very easy to handle the work. I asked myself to finish or complete one task per day. No rush, no push, whatever it is big or small. Maybe just take a product photo or design a brand new concept…. even splitting one task into few small tasks… depends on my status. Sometimes, I maybe feel very energetic. Sometimes, I might feel tired after a routine daily work.

That would be a very long process but really need patience. Keep that through a year, I can see the result was building up. A picture is going to be expanded.

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