This is a long story to talk about…
In 2013, I started to do our own branded product with the company Trendex. We have produced many gift and stationary items. One of them are tinbots. During that time, we were doing a research on product on the market to find out what the trend was about. We founded that we need to think a product in which could be functional as well as playful. So that, I tried to think an idea to fulfill those requirements. In the process, I did not have too much considerations for a very long product cycle. I focused on thinking an idea in which a simple but very creative play way.

above was the very first concept of tinbot. That was very simple idea: a tin box with magnet parts

The first concept is all from scratch and nothing related to manufacturing considerations. The dimension of the product is just a very rough idea. When I showed this concept to Trendex. They were very exciting about the idea because the idea was smart and original. So, they were very quick on making the decision for investing tooling and production.

The body is tin box. We need to find an existing tin box from supplier in order to fit in the ideal proportion. Finally, we changed the overall proportion for the new size as the picture shown.

For the plastic parts, we invest an injection tooling for mass production. The mold design was complicated as we wanted to maximize the combinations of parts and number of design. At the end, we produced totally 7 plastic parts including arms, legs, driver and head ( boy and girl face ). We planned to sell to a Japan department store Rainbow Spectrum. That was lucky we got our first order and being produced in 2013.

to be continued…

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