I am writing a blog to record our startup process since 2016. My name is Lock. Founder of B1GB1OCK creation.

In fact, we start from a very tiny block and wishing some days a big block could be built up. That’s why our company name called B1GB1OCK creation.
Before establishing B1GB1OCK creation, I actually have started this for quite a few years. I would say during that period. I did that 100% for personal hobby.

I am a product designer for more than 15+ years. During the years, in my work, I design kitchen appliances, kitchenwares, light product, toys, gift and stationary, consumer electronics, etc. quite a lot different categories. However, I never can say I have any ownership of them. As a job, i do my best to use my professional practice to complete every single tasks. Some of them were on the market for selling quite a long time. I cant tell everybody that was my design as most of them were for specific companies in there my name is hidden on the very base layer.

2016 is a special year for me to think about my career in design and also my life’s vision.
will tell more in next blog…

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